Claim Handling
All delivered AIA products have passed a thorough final inspection before leaving the factory. Anyhow, if unplanned things happen, please follow one of below specified checklists: 

Transport Claim
Product Claim

Avoid damages due to freezing
When transporting, storing, pressure testing, start-up, in operation or standstill it´s crucial making sure the pipe system of the product does not freeze. This is secured by accomplishing at least one of following actions:
  • Always store the product at minimum +5°C.
  • Make sure the liquid inside the pipe system cannot freeze. Use anti-freeze agent or any other appropriate method to prevent freezing.
Be aware that the heat exchanger is not completely drainable! It´s the responsibility of the buyer to make sure no damages occur because of freezing. AllAIAproducts are leakage tested in factory with pressurized air. This guarantees the products are without any liquid when delivered. If the product is connected in a wrong way or the product is stored un-connected, condense might occur in the pipe system. Condense gives rise to water and water can freeze and destroy the product. If any signs of freezing occur, immediately contact your AIAsales representative or AIA direct.