Quality Policy

Since many years AIA is certified according to ISO 9001. Through continuous improvements and by listening to our customer´s needs we reach excellent quality. Excellent quality is one of AIA´s absolutely strongest attributes and also a base for all our business.

AIA fulfills our customer´s needs by:
  • Acting fast, reliable and agile in all cases
  • Listening to our customer´s demands
  • Building our cooperation with customers and suppliers on long-term reliability
  • Acting business-minded and with high level of ethics
  • Keeping our promises
  • Acting service-minded
At AIA everyone works according to excellent quality by:
  • Continuously improving our products and ways of working
  • Keeping high focus on delivery service and product quality
  • Aiming for zero fault in all we do
  • Securing we have right competences
  • Taking care of claims in a professional way
ISO 9001